Our speakers will be sharing their experiences, strategies and knowledge. Who are you going to watch?

Rowan Atkinson

Author of Headphone History, Canadian-A Educational Resources

Michelle Beazer

Manager of Advertising and Marketing, Homeschool Help

Cori Dean

Author, Speaker, and Owner, Learning House

Rachael DeBruin

Candice Dugger

Author, Speaker, Thought Leader, Trainer

Ian Dutschek

Chairman of the Board, OCHEC

Lena Emo

Jennifer Foy

Beacon of Hope Homeschool Support

Diane Geerlinks

Professionally Certified Educational Therapist, GeerLINKS Educational

Carmen Hall

Linda Hoffman

Sarah Hornblower

Louise House

Founder, Learning House

Meaghan Jackson

Parenting coach, Joyful Mud Puddles

Rachel Johnson

Sharon Kiers

Co-founder, Big Little Heroes

Cindy LaJoy

Founder of Blue Collar Homeschool, LaJoy Educational Services/Blue Collar Homeschool

Edna Latone

Homeschool Help

Nicola Lott

Educational Interventionist, Notch Hill Learning

Mary-Lou Maclean

Executive Director, NILD Canada

Kimberly Maich

Psychologist (Provisional), Exceptionally Yours Educational Services

Sarah McIntyre

Co-founder, Big Little Heroes

Nathan McLaren

Board Member, OCHEC

Dr. Deborah O'Sullivan Au.D.

Audiologist, Auditory Pathways

Peggy Ployhar

Founder & CEO, SPED Homeschool

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