Exceptional Grace in Connecting and Correcting

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About this talk

Sharon and Sarah are the co-founders of Big Little Heroes. Through their work of counseling and parent coaching, their goal is to break the cycle of trauma and restore hope to both children and their families. By helping children and families become safe, empathetic and securely attached, they are able to grow in healthy relationships that end the cycle of intergenerational trauma, provide healing, and build hope for the future.

Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) is a holistic, trauma-informed, attachment-based parenting style designed to bring healing to those affected by complex developmental trauma. It is a parenting style that looks at how God parents us as its framework. It can be used in all families and with all kids. Trust-Based Relational Intervention uses three Principles and in our talk we will be focusing on two of these principles, Connecting & Correcting. A cornerstone of TBRI is the idea that successfully correcting our kids can only come through connection with them.

Sharon will take you through how trauma can affect our families. She will teach you about how our kids can learn the skills of self-regulation, trust, self-worth and self-efficacy. We will talk about how to unlearn the skills of traditional parenting, that we often rely on when correcting our kids. Often our kids struggle with challenging behaviours and Sarah will teach you three strategies you can implement today to make correction in your home smoother.

Topics covered by this talk

Sharon Kiers

MSW, RSW and TBRI Practitioner

Sarah McIntyre

M.Ed (ABA)

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