Disabilities and Bullying: What every parent needs to know

A Talk by Candice Dugger
Author, Speaker, Thought Leader, Trainer

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About this talk

In this workshop we will discuss Bullying and Disabilities. Having a disability puts you in a higher target rate for being bullied. With the rise of Bullying in our culture in cyberbullying, gaming bullying, in person and in the workplace its essential we prepare our children and our selves for potential struggles they may face.

We will cover five things in this class to help you have a stronger working knowledge of Bullying in our culture. 1. What is Bullying and how to identify it 2. What makes people with Disabilities a higher target rate & types of bullying 3. Importance of Teaching Tattling vs Reporting 4. Why people bully and character traits of a Bully 5. Teaching self advocacy and how to prevent Bullying

Along with covering these important topics we will also take about additional steps you can take as a family to help your community better understand bullying in the special needs community.

Topics covered by this talk

Candice Dugger

Candice is the founder of Bullied, Broken, Redeemed, and a nationally recognized anti-bullying expert, thought leader, author, speaker and trainer.

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