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A Talk by Heather Zwart
Board member, Office Administrator, OCHEC

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"Welcome" to this final day of the conference. We have been blessed by so much information and encouragement. What a relief to know there's a full year ahead to access to the sessions! AND it can still be purchased until August! If you know others who would be refreshed for the journey ahead, encourage them to sign in.

This is such an important area for us al. We can learn to be ambassadors!

I have very much enjoyed connecting with you and the speakers and the team, leading up to and throughout this event.

Additional FREE resources you can access from our website https://ochec.org/special-needs/

1) Talks 14 Reasons to Homeschool a Child with Special Needs & NILD=Hope 2) Special Needs Support Tips - summary of discussion that led to this conference 3) Lists of organizations, professionals & books - we look forward to your input to augment these lists.

MP3 Special Needs MP3 50% off May 1 - 30 2021 - filled with talks from previous conferences

Join us on a monthly zoom call for Moving the Mountains. You will receive an email invitation. We know it's been difficult to meet, but we can still share.

Thank-you. I hope we have been a blessing.

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Offered by Heather Zwart
Board member, Office Administrator, OCHEC

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